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Dr. James Burke, D.C.

Dr. Burke's Chiropractic Services are now mobile for your convenience - Please call or text to book



Dr. Burke has been practicing chiropractic for 26 years in his hometown of St. Petersburg, FL. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life Chiropractic College in 1993. Dr. Burke specializes in the diversified, drop, and activator method chiropractic techniques. His practicing techniques are suitable for all ages.  

Dr. Burke has a passion for helping people and has extended this passion to anyone that walks through his office door. Through chiropractic, he has been able to couple the dedication to help people with the belief that holistic healing enables people to achieve true wellness in their everyday lives.

The opening of his own practice in 2015 and now going mobile in 2023 has allowed  to Dr. Burke to better tailor his chiropractic care to each individual patient that he sees. He has loved the opportunity this has given him to get to know his patients better and assist them in achieving their health goals over the course of their treatments.


Most Major Insurance Accepted 

Burke Chiropractic Clinic accepts most major insurances and Medicare.

Additionally, reasonable self-pay prices are available to patients.


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